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We have no limits on OFF-HIGHWAY tuning here are some examples:

New! 2016-2017 Paccar delete

EGR Deletedelete_image
DPF Delete
VGT Delete
DEF/UREA System Delete
VVA Actuator Delete
DPF/SCR Delete
Speed Limiter Removal
Twin Turbo Conversion
VGT Turbo Conversion

Available for all engines:
Paccar – MX-13
Cat – C7 / C9 / C13/C15 / C16 / C18
Cummins – CM870/CM871/CM2150/CM2250/CM2350
Detroit – Series 60/DD4/5/6/15/16
Mercedes – MBE900/MBE4000
Maxxforce 11/13/15 Bosch ECM | DT466
Mack MP8 and newer
Volvo D11/13/15

If your engine is not listed please contact us

OFF-HIGHWAY tuning may require some component replacement or engine modification like Turbo, Manifold or Exhaust System update.

Power & Performance Tuning for better Fuel Economy available for most makes & years out there.

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