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Power and Performance fleet solutions

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With the rising price of diesel these days, fuel economy is a major factor in the survival of the transportation industry. Our fleet tuning is designed to maximize fuel economy, reduce vehicle maintenance, improve road safety and increase utility. We provide fleet managers with the tools they need to save money and improve driver performance.

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Big Rig Power offers a variety of Bully Dog tuners capable of providing fuel economy and power performance tuning for heavy duty trucks. All Bully Dog tuning products are emission tested under EPA approved technology and are SAE tested to verify tuning gains. All Bully Dog tuners are custom tuned by Bully Dog technicians.

Bully Dog HDGT 550 Master Tuner
hdgt550-2Bully Dog’s HDGT 550 is the ultimate fleet Power and Performance tuning tool. Optimize fuel economy and power for 5 to 50 trucks and still comply with emission standards. The 550 enables different tuning levels for individual trucks, leaves safety parameters intact, customizes speed limiters on every truck, and reads and erases engine diagnostic codes across engines. Emission and SAE tested.

Fleet owners can choose between the standard equipped Economy Tune, the Economy plus Power Tune or opt for complete custom tuning. Each kit carries the Economy Tune and the Economy plus Power Tune.


Bully Dog ECM Tuners
ecm_tunerFor Fleet owners wanting to tune and go, Bully Dog offers the engine specific ECM Tuner for Caterpillar, Paccar, Detroit, Mercedes or Cummins equipped trucks. This heavy-duty tuner offers streamlined operation including include 3 power levels, a speed limiter calibration feature and DTC Trouble Code Reader. Simply select the desired power level for the drive ahead, complete the install and store the tuner in your vehicle.



Bully Dog HDGT
hdgt-smNo other product can compete with the choice of tuning options offered by the Bully Dog HDGT. The HDGT features specialized tuning for up to a 15% increase in horsepower and torque along with a 6-12% Increase in fuel economy. Features include Speed Limiter Adjustments, Diagnostic Reader and Driving Coach. Emission and SAE tested. Choose between the standard equipped Economy Tune, the Economy plus Power Tune, Power or opt for complete custom tuning. The best part of this tuner is it is good for all engine applications. You can remove it from a Cat and move it to a Cummins.