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Single Turbo Conversions

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There’s Every Reason To Convert Now

With gains of 1.5 mpg together with longer engine life, more power and lower maintenance, the Big Rig Power single turbo conversion is one of our most in-demand products. You also get faster spool-up and eliminate the dreaded ‘twin-turbo time-bomb’.’ The Big Rig Power Single Turbo Conversion Kit comes with everything you need including clear and simple instructions. You can do it yourself or let BRP carry out the conversion for you.

The Single Solution

The Acert-Caterpillar dual turbocharger system is highly complex with many inherent problems. An increase in turbo failures and engine damage raises serious reliability concerns with these engines. Big Rig Power can offset the reliability concerns of the Acert engine and at the same time increase fuel mileage by up to 1.5mpg

Big Rig Power’s Single Turbo Conversion System is the best upgrade available for your Acert engine. By replacing the two turbocharger system with a high-performance single turbo, much of the engine’s complexity is eliminated. The conversion kit includes a Bully Dog exhaust manifold which is much stronger than the stock piece. It features thicker casting and extra ribbing in areas prone to cracking on the stock manifold. Flow is increased by 20% over stock and the manifold alone adds 30hp. Ceramic coating inside and out improves heat reduction and increases longevity. Next up, a Bully Dog high performance turbocharger adds power, efficiency and reliability. Each turbo has been triple balanced to 180,000 rpm, far beyond the requirements of any truck application. The aluminum forged compressor wheel spins on copper journal bearings to build boost as soon as possible. The tuning experts at Big Rig Power provide the software to tie the whole kit together. After installing the single turbo conversion kit, you truck will run better the way it should with the power, reliability and efficiency you demand.
There’s Every Reason to Convert Now

The Big Rig Power Single Turbo conversion is by far the most cost effective and simple way to get the most from your Acert engine.

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increased Reliability
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Longer Engine life
  • More power and better power delivery
  • Fast turbo spool-up
  • Cooler operation
  • Lower repair costs
  • Sharper Throttle response
  • The industry’s most advanced ECM software
What’s in the Kit?

The single turbo conversion system comes with everything you need to make the switch. Every oil line, intake elbow and turbo stud is included so you don’t have to worry about gathering parts before the installation.

Bully Dog BFT Turbocharger

With an unparalleled combination of efficiency and power, the BFT Turbo will save you money as it pushes you into the back of your seat! Triple balanced to 180,000 rpm, this turbo is built to last.

Ceramic-coated manifold

The Bully Dog ceramic coated manifold flows 20% better than the stock unit and adds 30hp. The thicker and stronger casting and cemented joints make exhaust leaks a thing of the past. The manifold is also port matched to the head so you’ll no longer need exhaust sleeves. Offering greatly reduced operating temperatures, this manifold is a powerful addition to the system.

The Bully Dog HDGT

The brain of the system is the Bully Dog Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT) programmer. With special software designed for the Single Turbo Conversion, the HDGT allows every part of the engine to work in unison. Our engineers are able to custom tailor software for your truck to ensure you get the power you need and the fuel economy you want. Our system directly tunes the ECM, so there’s no need to change any harnesses injectors or relays. The HDGT is also Internet updateable so no matter where you are, BRP can keep your Acert running right.

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